In September I was commisioned to make this minature blanket for use in an animated music video directed and animated by the very talanted Anna Ginsburg. It is entirely hand knitted using 1mm needles and is approximately 20cm x 18cm. The triangular pieces are wired together allowing the entire blanket to unravel piece by piece during the animation! (A slightly heartbreaking fact for me as it took a substantial chunk of my life to create!! But worth it looking at the finished animation.) The music video cannot be named yet, but when that time comes I'll be sure to post a link or two! Until then, enjoy this tiny knitting!

Film still from 'Out on the Tiles'.  This shot displays a section of the set, all built from scratch.

This is a detail from the minature set of my graduation film 'Out on the Tiles'.  The tiles were cut out individually (each one measuring 1.5cm2).  I stuck them to the wall, grouted them with woodglue and white paint, painted and finally varnished them to give a glossy ceramic finish.  The dado rail is balsa wood and the toilet roll dispenser was made in a similar way to the sinks and toilet (see below) painted with a matt finish.  I then had the joy of covering the beautiful new wall in graffitti!
Film still from 'Out on the Tiles'.  Here is the finished toilet (see below for the making process).  The sanitary bin was rather conviently created using a painted tic tac box.
Film still from 'Out on the Tiles'.  This shot shows one of my favourite lighting setups.  I enjoyed the fact that from this angle you could imagine the whole ladies toilets existing outside the cubicle simply because of the subtle warm light coming in under the door.  In reality, nothing but a bit of reflective card (and whatever clutter was on my desk!) was beyond the cubicle.

This is another detail of the set from my graduation film.   I put tiny blobs of glue on the mirror to look like splashes of water and finger marks.  This photo was taken during the set building process, you can see the edge of the wall and an unfinished cubicle reflected in the mirror!
This is documentation (and evidence!) of the knitting process that I underwent in order to make a dress for my puppet.  I was inspired by Althea Crome, who knitted the tiny gloves and sweaters for 'Coraline' (Selik, 2009).  I wanted to have a go for myself - it was tiring, fiddly and required a lot of focus, but definately worth it.  The tube dress I knitted allowed the fabric to cling to my puppets every lump and bump, which, if you have seen her, you will know all too well!  It also meant I had no seams to deal with.  You can see my first ever attempt at minature knitting furthur down the page.

The making of the sinks in my graduation film begain with foil shapes which I then covered in Super Sculpy and baked in the oven until hard.  I then sanded the surface with wet and dry paper until it was smooth and painted it with enamal paint.  I made the taps from metal tubing and araldite.  Then a bit of chalk dust and some roughening up, and voila, a grubby old sink!

This is a film still from Steve Warne's film 'Savage Mountain'.  I made the rucksack on the left of the scene, aslo sleeping bags which are flat on the floor in the foreground.

Another film still, this time from the opening scene of 'Savage Mountain'.  I made the minature tent in this scene.
This is tiny book I bound for my dad! If you hadn't already guessed, it is meant to look like a licorice allsort.

The first few stitches of a tiny glove.  My first attempt at minature knitting.  I was using sewing needles to knit with which was a lot more fiddly than the lace making needles I used for making my final year puppets dress, as seen furthur up the page.
Here I have partially stiched up the glove, ready to put a thumb in.
Here is one hand of the finished product. - and it is fully wearable (if you have hands that are 3cm long!)