Friday, 21 January 2011

Some life drawings

Here are some very quick life drawings I did this week (top three images). They are maybe not the most accomplished drawings, but it was good to practice drawing speedily and trying to capture the 'character' of the passers by.  The drawings beneath that are of my head (or as others like to call it, a portrait!).  My aim is to do more drawings of heads/faces, and by properly observing their structure, I'll furthur improve my ability to draw unusual positions more quickly and accurately as time goes on.
(To view more life drawings, please click on the tab above.)

November 2010

I had a great time attending both BAF and Encounters Film Festival.  Despite winning no awards, it was really great to be part of both festivals.  There were so many amazing films to see.  I did get a commended mention in the Encounters award ceremony which brightened my day!

Following this festival news - My  graduation film has been accepted in ITFS (Internationales Trickfilm Festival Stuttgart).  It also got through a couple of selection processes for the BAFTA awards, but to my disappointment, I didn't make it into the final 3 shortlisted films.

October 2010 STV Illustrations

Here is a couple of composite Illustrations I completed for a STV commercial for the 'Ultimate Home Show'.